Here is a Photoshop tip on how to add a new layer below.

How many times have you added a layer in Photoshop only to move it below the layer? I know I have, many times. Then, I discovered that I can add layers below the currently selected layer.

How do I do this?

1. select the layer you want to have a new layer below

2. hold the ctrl key and click on the new layer icon of the layer’s panel.

photoshop tutorial

About Blue Flower Art and Photoshop tip: add new layer below

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Blue Flower Art  is located in sunny Brisbane in Queensland Australia. The Blue Flower Art style of design is clean with a light amount of grunge and vintage wear. Our hand drawn designs are whimsical and fun to add to your memories and our clusters will add a special effect to your albums

Company Overview

Blue Flower Art is an Australian business that takes pride with the quality, freshness and creativity of designs. We aim to give fresh ideas for your memories and to help you make them special and creative. All our designs are hand crafted with quality images that will print your memories to your satisfaction and delight at the outcome.